34 Ideas for Fall: Things To Do in Georgia This Fall

Fall is such a wonderful time of year in Georgia! There’s nothing that quite compares to the crisp air and the beautiful autumn color palette. While there are lots of ways to enjoy the fall season with the ones you love, here are 34 of our favorites.


1. Visit a park. Georgia is filled with beautiful parks, and fall is the perfect time of year to check them out!

2. Go to a pumpkin patch. Pick out your favorite and take it home! (After paying for it, of course.)

3. Carve or decorate a pumpkin. After you pick out your pumpkin, turn it in to a work of art!

4. Roast pumpkin seeds.

5. Do some yard work. Get the whole family involved and make it fun! After raking all those fall leaves, jump in and take pictures!

6. Host a backyard bonfire. Invite over a few friends, cue up your favorite play list, grab the marshmallows, something to drink, and gather round the fire! Be sure to take safety precautions.

7. Go trail riding. Whether you prefer bicycles or ATV’s, find a trail and go for a ride! Don’t forget the helmets!

8. Make homemade Halloween costumes.

9. Have a cookout.

10. Make apple cider.

11. Read together as a family. Cuddle up under a big blanket and take turns reading.

12. Have movie night at home.

13. Have an outdoor movie night.

14. Go for a walk. Get outside and enjoy that cool weather!

child in woods

15. Make a big pot of chili.

16. Have a cool-air picnic.

17. Find your way through a corn maze.

18. Go explore. Plan a nature scavenger hunt.

19. Get your team spirit on! Go to a local high school football game.

20. Make trail mix. Almonds, bananas and raisins, oh my!

21. Take a hike!

22. Plant an indoor herb garden. You’ll be thankful for fresh herbs during the cold months.

23. Visit a fall fair.

24. Go flea marketing. Did you know there are 133 flea markets in Georgia? Yowza!

25. Go Camping. The cool weather of fall makes camping a delight!

26. Stargaze. Head to a field (or somewhere dark) and check out the autumn stars. Don’t forget to take along a thermos of hot chocolate!


27. Go to a haunted house.

28. Make candles holders. Hollow out gourds to make tea-light holders.

29. Tailgate before a football game with friends.

30. Make a scarecrow. Make your own scarecrow for your backyard.

31. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or food bank.

32.  Read the story of the Mayflower to your children.

33. Spend a day “offline.” No cell phones, no internet, no TV, just family.

34. Do some woodworking with the family. Create wind chimes, birdhouses, picture frames, and much more!

What are your favorite things to do during the fall season?


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